Unicorn Glam Box Launches Amazing Accessories kit for Kids

Kids are both adorable and beautiful but sometimes, girls, in particular, can grow too fast and catch up with them is a task. There are so many things to be done including grooming them and so many trends to keep up with that a parent’s energy is bound to get drained at some point. What happens to mothers who are always busy and can barely squeeze in a hair and makeup session? What about sick mothers who are bedridden or single fathers who have no idea what to do with their daughter’s fashionista needs? This is where unicorn glam box accessory kit comes in.

Unicorn glam box is an amazing brand that came out of one strong mother’s experience. She was a breast cancer survivor aged 35 and has a triple negative with positive barc and double mastectomy. She also had 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) to deal with but the chemotherapy treatments were wearing her down. Her 7-year-old daughter was also going through a hard time on her own. She couldn’t understand why her mother was losing her hair and also couldn’t take care of her by braiding her hair with trendy styles. It is her daughter’s feelings of neglect that led to the birth of unicorn glam box.

Each box is unique, stylish and fun and contains about 5-6 accessories that one may not find in their local store. These accessories range from headbands, hair clips, barrettes, bows, and mermaid/ unicorn hair. The most exciting thing about this box is that each of them contains a surprise gift for the young one and could be anything from slime, fuzzy hand sanitizers, squishes or stickers. To enhance on convenience, all accessories are pretty easy to use, with all that’s required being to clip them on the bow.

For parents who are too weak to help their daughters use this excitement box, unicorn glam box will go a step further and launch video tutorials on their social channels and community pages. These tutorials will contain creative ways that contents of the glam box can be used. To get this amazing box, all a parent has to do is pick out a subscription that works best for them (monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually).

While it is definitely not easy for a parent to battle a terminal illness or lack of time for their daughter, it is also harder for a child who may end up feeling the excitement. The unicorn glam box is a saving grace for mothers or single fathers who are looking for a way to show their kids that they still care.

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