Huge clump of hair removed from teen girl’s stomach

Image result for Huge clump of hair removed from teen girl's stomachDoctors have removed a massive clump of hair from a teen girl suffering from ‘Rapunzel syndrome’.

The teenager, from Russia, had been pulling out and eating her own hair for 10 years. Because our intestines are unable to digest human hair, it had built up into a huge hairball.

Dr Andrey Karavaev said 80 percent of the girl’s stomach was filled by the large matt of hair, and posed a major threat to her health.

Surgeons at Emergency Medicine Clinic Number Two in Siberia were forced to operate and removed 500g cluster. A photo following the surgery shows the giant clump coated in blood.

The teen says she “feels much better” following the medical intervention. She may require psychiatric care to prevent it happening again.


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